Inspired by this question: Which MLB team had the shortest "longest winning streak" in a pennant-winning season?

Which NBA team had the shortest "longest winning streak" during a championship-winning season? In other words, which team won the championship but never won more than X games in a row, with X being the lowest number, during that season?

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There are three teams in NBA history who have won the NBA championship but never won more than 5 games in a row during their winning season. The 1947 Philadelphia Warriors, 1969 Boston Celtics and 1978 Washington Bullets all won the championship with their longest season winning streak being 5 games.

  • I went through the worst records to win the NBA championship, and came across the same findings. Though it is theoretically possible for a 50+ win team to have less consecutive wins than 5, I'm going to defer to your answer, especially if you looked at all championship teams.
    – user16112
    Commented Apr 16, 2019 at 14:04

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