This image is from the Sochi Winter Olympics:

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Why is Women Body Checking different from a regular Body Check?

I mean, pretty sure not every penalty was preceded by Women's in the match (like Women High Sticking or Women Hooking) so why is Body Checking seemingly in a different category?

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In short, body checking in women's hockey is prohibited while body checking in men's hockey is not.

In essence, while the act of body checking is self-explanatory, a Woman's Body Check denotes an illegal act while a Body Check denotes the act itself, which is common in men's hockey.

Rule 604 in USA Hockey states:

Body checking is prohibited in the 12 & under youth age classification and below and all Girls’/Women’s age classifications.

Body checking is also prohibited in all non-check Adult classifications.

A local governing body may prohibit body checking in any classification.

  • Ah ok so thats why theres a difference. I didn't put it together that there is checking in both, but it's a penalty only in the womens event.
    – Fredy31
    Apr 16, 2019 at 18:15

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