The Milwaukee Bucks just swept the Detroit Pistons in their first round series 4 games to none after sweeping the regular season series between these two teams 4 games to none. After completing the playoff series sweep they ended up with an 8-0 record against Detroit this season.

Has a team ever gone 8-0 or better (combined regular season and playoffs) against a single team in a single season? If so, has any team ever won more than 8 games against a single team?


  • Currently it is not possible for a team to win more than 8 games against a single team (max of 4 regular season meetings + 4 playoff wins clinches the series), I'm not sure how far back that holds true from a schedule perspective.
  • With the current schedule format, teams only play divisional opponents 4 times in the regular season. So 8-0 (at least in recent years) would need to be a case of two division rivals meeting in the playoffs.

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