I bought a second-hand tennis racket last weekend and I wanted to change the main grip. I wanted to remove the adhesive remains but it was way harder than usual. Then I realized there was a plastic wrap over the grip, which was rotating around the grip when I force it.

I thought that if I don't remove it, the main-grip might get loose when playing so I cut through the plastic and removed it. Cleaned the remaining adhesive and found another duct tape wrapped around the grip. Here are some pictures

enter image description hereenter image description here

Is it possible that the racket is damaged and repaired? If yes, does it affect anything when playing with?

  • Was it shrink-wrap tubing? People use this to make the grip size bigger. I guess it's possible that someone tried to use it, but didn't heat it up enough. – Squanch Jul 2 at 0:37

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