In a youth game with bases loaded and two outs a ground ball was hit to the pitcher, who made a throw to third base. The throw was low and the third baseman did not field the ball cleanly, so the runner was initially called safe. On appeal he was called out by league rule forbidding head first slides into bases (which he had violated). However, the run remained on the board. Should this have been a force out and the run removed?


I'd say yes. If the illegal slide had been made before the run was scored, then the third out was made at that point and the half-inning was retired, without the run scoring.

The only way it would count is if both the run scored and the hitter had safely reached first base, before the out at third was made, but that sounds rather unlikely. For more on this see this question.

  • Thanks for answering. The point of my question is that if the third out of an inning is a force out then a run doesn't count even if the runner touches home before the out is made. (E.g. bases loaded, one out, a classic 6-4-3 double play is made; the runner from 3rd probably touches home before the (force) out at first is made, but the run still doesn't count.) So, does the runner diving constitute a force out in this situation, since he was forced to reach 3rd and arguably did not? – GreenMatt May 20 at 19:19

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