I remember that Hashim Amla was leading the list of ODI batsmen, having played the most matches without a duck.

But now, he is not in the list, ie, he got out for a duck (I think it is his only duck in ODI history).

When did this happen?

Which bowler took his wicket?

  • He was also given out LBW about an hour ago in the practice match for Champion's Trophy, for a second ball duck, on the bowling of Junaid Khan.
    – xylon97
    Commented Jun 3, 2013 at 10:19
  • @xylon97, quick update! but the question is about ODI which doesn't include warm-up matches Commented Jun 3, 2013 at 10:21

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He was out for a duck in a match against Australia. He was out for first ball duck in that match(c & b Bollinger). It was played at St George's Park, Port Elizabeth on 23 October 2011. That was the second ODI of the series which SA won by 80 runs.

Here is the score card of that match.

Update: He was once again out for first ball duck in this match. Mohammad Irfan took his wicket.


Hashim Amla, right handed batsman from South Africa, has been out for a duck (zero runs) quite a few times in this career, although less than very many batsmen. Here are the details..

In Test matches = 6 times (3 times vs India, 1 vs England, 1 vs Australia, 1 vs Pakistan).
In One Dayers = only once, vs Australia at Port Elizabeth on 23 Oct 2011.
In Twenty20s = only once, vs India at Colombo on 2 October 2012.


In an ODI match against Pakistan, bowled by M Irfan at 0 runs. This was the series where Afridi made 88 on 48 balls.

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