I always wonder and argue with young boys in my country if today's so called superstar Lebron James remained nothing but a role player had he played in 90's or the 80's because back then there was even a time there was no flagrant foul and there was even an illegal defense and in my opinion, there is no need to mention that Micael Jordan was the Greatest Of All Time. The boys here argue Michael was nobody but an old guy, today's players are muscular than the players in 80's and 90's and well scientifically trained, so on and so forth. What is the general reaction in today's U.S about this?

What I would like to hear is the general air towards the sport, basketball ( if possible toward the NBA too ), compared with the general air in 80's and 90's. Did it decline in the homeland, which is the U.S?

Data the NBA's TV final audience ratings.

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