In 2019, Brett Maher made a 62 and 63 yard field goals during the season. However, he was released on 9 Dec 2019.

When was the last time a kicker was released after making two (or more) 60+ yard field goals during the season? Please state the kicker's name, team, yards of field goals he made over 60 yards, and his date of release.


Here is an image of the data you request. The rest is left as an exercise to the reader.

It would seem I cannot view this by clicking.

This information is readily available at Football Reference dot com.

additional info: only three kickers have made more than 1 60+ yard FG in their career.

Maher has made 3 (two this season), Greg Zuerlein has made 2 (three seasons apart), and Sebastian Janikowski has made 2 (two seasons apart).

In other words, it has never happened otherwise.

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