I am curious about countries that has won the least medals or even is there countries that never won any kind of medals in history of sports in the Olympics?

Not including those countries with low populations (below 5 million - like San Marino, Monaco etc.).

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So you're looking for:

countries that never won any kind of medals in [the] history of ... the Olympics [...] with population at least 5 million.

There are actually 26 such countries in existence, and for the sake of completion, here they all are:

Country Population1 Appearances without a medal2
Angola 25 million 9
Bangladesh 161 million 9
Benin 11.5 million 11
Bolivia 11.4 million 20
Burkina Faso 20.1 million 9
Cambodia 15.3 million 9
Chad 13.7 million 12
Democratic Republic of the Congo 91.9 million 12
El Salvador 6.4 million 11
Guinea 12.4 million 11
Honduras 9.6 million 12
Laos 7.1 million 9
Libya ~7 million 10
Madagascar 26.3 million 14
Malawi 18.1 million 10
Mali 19.3 million 13
Myanmar 53.6 million 17
Nicaragua 6.2 million 12
Papua New Guinea 8.6 million 10
Republic of the Congo 5.2 million 12
Rwanda 11.3 million 9
Sierra Leone 7.1 million 11
Somalia 11 million 9
South Sudan 11 million 1
Turkmenistan 5.8 million 6
Yemen 28.5 million 7

1As of December 2019
2As of the end of the 2018 Winter Olympics

A few points that stand out:

  • Bolivia has appeared at the most Olympics (20) and the most Winter Olympics (6) of any country on the list.
  • Myanmar has appeared at the most Summer Olympics (17) of any country on the list.
  • Bangladesh has the highest population of any country on the list.

Which of these 26 countries is the worst is a matter of debate, and outside the scope of this website.

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  • Thanks for the answer, i can check it easily and ImClarky's wiki is some good stuff aswell to read along – Kerk Dec 18 '19 at 14:19

According to this Wikipedia entry - as of the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, there are 71 (of 201) countries, that are/were part of the Olympic movement, that are yet to achieve a medal at any Olympic Games; Summer or Winter.

The worst performing country (with over 5m population) appears to be Bolivia.

Bolivia have competed at 20 Olympic Games (14 Summer, 6 Winter), have sent 78 competitors (63 Summer, 15 Winter), but are yet to register a medal position.

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