I was watching a Youtube video by a sports journalist who is known as the journalist who manages the most amount of soccer statistics in the spanish speaking world. I myself have written some statistics for some internet articles and he always has a lot of statistics I never heard of. In one of his videos, he mentioned that in the past, soccer players run much less than today, like 3 or 4 kms per match, but he didnt give any source for his affirmation, so I wonder if he said that like a subjetive estimate from the top of his head, or if someone used computer software to calculate that from older videos and he actually mentioned real statistics. Nowadays, how much soccer players run in soccer matches is calculated a lot of times and given as statistics to understand why some team won or lost. In average, it is said nowadays soccer players run 10 kms, with 8 kms those who runs less, and 12 kms those who runs more

How much does a soccer player run during a match (spanish)

How much did soccer players run during a match back in the 60's in top level competitions, like the world cup or top european leagues (spanish, english, italian leagues)?

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