Alfredo Di Stéfano back in the 50's-60's played for Argentina, Colombia, and Spain. Many soccer players played for 2 teams, but that's the only case I know of someone playing for 3 teams. Was he the player who played for the most national teams or was there another one? Which soccer player played for the most national teams?


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Examples of player who played for three countries.

  • As mentioned in the question, Alfredo Di Stéfano played for Argentina and Spain. In addition to that, he played for Columbia - although those matches aren't in the official FIFA records.
  • László Kubala played for Czechoslovakia, Hungary and Spain. Kubala also played for Catalonia - however, this team is not a member of FIFA/UEFA.

If we also count caps at the youth level:

  • Daniel Brailovsky played for Uruguay at youth level and later represented Argentina and Israel.
  • Neil Kilkenny represented England and Ireland at the youth level, and later played for Australia.
  • Demitrius Omphroy played for USA and Panama at youth level, as a senior for Phillippines.
  • Herolind Shala played for Norway (youth level), Albania and Kosovo.
  • Alex Zahavi played for Portugal, USA, Israel - in all three cases at the youth level.



Di Stefano played for both Spain and Argentina and even Puskas played for Hungary and Spain. Even Platini turned out in a match for Kuwait.


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