Are there roster size exceptions to the 15 player rule in the NBA? This was something that has come up when looking at a few rosters this year. Lakers and Nets have 1 player disabled (Demarcus Cousins and Kevin Durant respectively). Also, in the Grizzlies roster they have a player who is out due to personal reasons (Andre Iguodala). While these teams have 15 players on contract could they sign a 16th player due to them not being able to use the players they have?

Those are just examples, but overall I just want to know if there is any way for an NBA team such as those listed above to have 16 players (excluding 2-way deals and the off-season) considering their circumstances.

My Research: I could not find the official bylaws on exceptions to 15 player rule but I did find some known exceptions.

Hardship exception - at least four injured players miss at least three games and have been unable to play for even longer (team can sign 1 extra player for rest of the season?).

Suspended players - can sign 1 extra player depending on suspension length?

Drafted players whose rights are held but who have not been signed to a contract (euro league draft picks) - considered the same as 2 way player?

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