Ignoring player positions, Is there a time by which a soccer team lineup has to be announced? I'm looking at English Premier League in particular.

I.e. Is it known at least X minutes before kick-off or can it be left unannounced and unknown until the players come onto the pitch.


According to rule L.21 of the current Premier League Handbook:

At least 75 minutes before the time fixed for the kick-off of a League Match, a representative of each participating Club shall submit a team sheet by such method as approved by the Board containing the following particulars:

  • the shirt numbers and names of its Players (including substitute Players) who are to take part in that League Match;
  • the colour of the Strip to be worn by its Players, including the goalkeeper; and
  • the names and job titles of up to seven Officials who will occupy the trainer’s bench during that League Match

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