I observed records of various powerlifting competitions and I was supprised by the number of competitiors who are not utilizing a proper brdige during the benchpress.

A strong example is the 83kg class in 2018 Championship: https://youtu.be/xPv23xo4Nkk?t=4179

Most of the competitiors there were doing only mild bridge and some of them lay flat on the bench. Exactly in this particual event the world record for 83kg class was made: https://youtu.be/xPv23xo4Nkk?t=5284 by the guy who is "bridging" the most.

I understand that:

  • extreme bridge is probably not for everyone
  • powerlifting is still more like "hobby" sport, often done by self-taught persons even on the top level
  • proficient high bridge is difficult to learn (it could take a long time to re-learn if competitor is already more effective with flat setup)

But I still wonder: Why those guys do not pay more attention to bridging if they are loosing against competitors who do?

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