I’m considering getting the matrix sr25 full metal that shoots 400-450 fps, what is a good minimum engagement distance for this? Me and my friend are playing together so we don’t have a set of rules to go by. Thanks!


It depends on who you ask, but you're looking at a consensus minimum engagement distance (MED) of around 15 metres and recommended engagement distance (RED) of around 20 metres, and in semi-auto mode only.

A variety of posts in this forum's thread, using 0.20g BB ammunition at 450fps, mention variously

  • 50 feet (15 metres) (Utah)
  • 20 metres (Brazil)
  • 10 metres (Indonesia)
  • 40 feet (12 metres) (Texas)
  • 20 metres (Norway)

Websites for airsoft associations in other countries describe similar limits, MED 15-20 metres and RED 20-25 metres. You may be best advised to start at the high end of the range and work down as you develop comfort with being hit and judgement of appropriately safe distances.

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