The "bubble" in the NBA was a successful experiment. I know that the NHL and the MLB did it too.

Are there some other sports around the world that adopted this solution for the playoffs? In particular, I am interested in sports where the title is assigned following playoffs with series (e.g. European League or Champions League had a bubble, but they each stage was played out of one match).

Typically, basketball and volleyball have this same type of playoffs with series, but I have not heard of bubbles in any European country for these two sports. Can you confirm or refute (in the latter case, can you tell me what country)?

What about baseball in countries such as the Netherlands or Japan (where baseball is an important sport)? What about hockey in European countries (e.g. Czech Rep, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Switzerland)? Is there some other sports with this structure (playoffs with series) that might have used the bubble? I think water polo might be one. Any other sports?

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