Has there been any statistical metric devised to allow comparison on the 'objectivity' across sports?

As an example, if a sport like chess has the vast majority of player actions, as well as the outcomes of those actions, being objectively agreed upon, then it could score very high in terms of objectivity. Whereas perhaps sports like soccer or rugby union where there is often subjectively and disagreement over outcomes of passages of play would score lower on the scale.

Is there any such metric that characterises the degree to which a sport is 'objective'?

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    Welcome to Sports Stack Exchange. While it is probably a useful example (given the mathematical tractability of solving many chess gamestates for optimality) I note for general purpose that chess is not considered a sport for our purposes on the site. I hope this question does get a useful answer, though, I suspect that it would be "no". – Nij Jan 5 at 1:31

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