As you probably know, the IFAB issued a temporary amendment to Law 3 allowing for more substitutes to be used during a game if the organizers of a competition wish so. However, the text of the amendment is actually very precise (Law 3.2):

Competition organisers have the option of applying EITHER OR BOTH of the following:

  • During the match, each team:
    • may use a maximum of five substitutes
    • has a maximum of three substitution opportunities
    • may additionally make substitutions at half-time
  • Where extra time is played, each team:
    • may use an additional substitute (whether or not the team has used its maximum number of substitutes)
    • has one additional substitution opportunity (whether or not the team has used its maximum number of substitution opportunities)
    • may additionally make substitutions:
      • in the period before the start of extra time
      • at half-time in extra time/li>

The amendment clearly says "either or both". Coppa Italia has adopted it, but nevertheless decided to allow one additional substitution opportunity in extra time without allowing for an additional substitute to be used if a team has run out of substitutions in the previous 90 minutes.

But is this not illegal? Since "either or both" means "the first option, or the second option, or both". This implies that if they decide to take the additional substitution opportunity from the second option, they have to take the whole of the second option with it, including the additional substitute.

Therefore, is Coppa Italia being played under an irregular version of the Laws of the Game? Or are there any additional laws, rulings or loopholes that actually allow for this to happen?

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