Here's a scenario. The home team player has been fouled inside his/her opponents’ penalty area and the referee says play on. Then:

  • Home team loses the ball and away team starts a counter attack.
  • Away team loses the ball and home team regains possession.
  • This cycle goes on once more.

If the play did not stop during this period, can VAR still intervene for a penalty call review?

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The hypothetical situation in question will never occur.

Presuming a review is permitted (the incident is reviewable, and is a clear and obvious error), if the video assistant referee was going to intervene, it would have been at the time possession moved into a neutral area - as soon as the Away team obtained possession and before they "start a counter attack".

VAR Protocol, section 4 Procedures, subsection Review,

If play has not already stopped, the referee stops play when the ball is next in a neutral zone/situation (usually when neither team is in an attacking move) and shows the 'TV signal'

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