As the title suggest, anyone know if a yellow card can be contested in either La Liga or the English Premier League and taken off ? If they can, are there limits as to how many can be contested?

  • Are you talking about any yellow card or a 2nd yellow card? – dly Feb 27 at 18:20
  • Any yellow card. Just in general contesting it after the match even if the referee made a mistake during the game and gave a yellow. – user1715559 Feb 28 at 20:59

At least in the Premier League, it's not possible. Back in 2000, a referee directly asked the FA to rescind a yellow card. He received no answer. This article might give a little more insight: https://www.sports.legal/2017/12/yellow-card-suspensions-in-football-correct-me-if-im-wrong-but/

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