As of May 2021, six goalkeepers have scored goals in the English Premier League: Peter Schmeichel, Brad Friedel, Paul Robinson, Tim Howard, Asmir Begovic, and Alisson.

Is there a record of how many goalkeepers scored goals in the old First Division, between its founding in 1888 and the Premier League's founding in 1992?

  • When you say scoring a goal, do you mean in open play or do you count penalties ? I suspect this could be a tricky one to answer as you may have a goalkeeper who has also played as an outfield player or vice versa. The List of goalscoring goalkeeper. gives all the goalkeepers that have scored in proffessional football, it should be able to provide the information.
    – Ben Whyall
    Jun 4 '21 at 10:42
  • Open play, penalties, anything. I did look through that list but there's no information on which competition(s) those goals were scored in; it could have been the Second Division, the FA Cup, etc. I guess I'd have to do that part of the heavy lifting myself.
    – F1Krazy
    Jun 4 '21 at 11:47

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