In rocky III, the training montage showed Apollo teaching Rocky a shuffle. at 0:23 and 1:00 it shows rocky learning a new footing and I was wondering if there was a name for it.

  • Did you mean to link to some kind of video? There aren't any links in your post right now.
    – V2Blast
    Jun 29, 2023 at 22:42
  • It's called "Ali shuffle". Muhammad Ali popularized this footwork technique which involves a rapid shuffle of the feet in a quick, rhythmic pattern. Nov 29, 2023 at 23:49

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I don't see a video attached but if my memory serves me correctly and it is what I think it is he was doing the "Ali shuffle"


This is a scene from the training session of Rocky:

This is a demonstration by Muhammad Ali showing his foot work:

There are similar moves on both videos, but I'd rather call that a tribute rather than a copy.

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