I recently got the strings changed on my Head Gravity Tour. Now it is noticeably more head heavy. To the point where it feels like a sledgehammer instead of its usual scalpel-like precision.

It had a set of Head Rip Control on it before the change, and now has Babolat Xcel.

Is there a noticeable difference in weight between these two strings?

I know there is noticeable difference between string types i.e. multifilament, poly, gut, but what about between the same type?

  • Head Rip Control 16/1.3 and Babolat Xcel 16/1.30 weigh exactly the same, do you have the same weight? or is one 16 and the other 17?
    – CGCampbell
    Jun 25 at 17:07
  • They are both 17s. Did you weigh them yourself by chance? I'm curious to know the specifics. I just weighed the HEAD Rip Controls and they came in at 15.4g. I haven't got another set of Babolat Xcel yet, but I Hear most Multifilaments are around 20g. The rip controls are made by means of " polyolefin ribbon construction". Maybe this is the reason they seem lighter? Anyway, I'll try to weigh a set of the Xcels, if the store lets me, and get back here.
    – Squanch
    Jun 25 at 18:09

Ok, so I finally went to the local tennis shop today and weighed the two sets of strings. On their scale, the Babolat Xcel strings, at .17 gauge weighed 20g, while the .17 gauge Head Rip Controls weighed 16g. I guess there can be a noticeable difference in weight between multifilament strings.

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