How can I search for locations with a smooth surface where I can ride my inline skates? What sources or methods can I use?


I recently picked up inline skating and noticed that the road surface makes a huge difference in the pleasure I get from skating. I have a park nearby that has wide, asphalt roads with no car traffic, which is perfect. To keep things diverse I would like to look for other spots with similar characteristics, i.e.:

  • smooth surface, e.g. maintained asphalt or large concrete slabs
  • little motorized traffic
  • wide paths

What I've tried

  • I checked Google Maps satellite view to see if I could identify smooth roads. That appears to be hit and miss, as some path look smooth but actually aren't and some paths (e.g. the one I ride on in the park) are obscured by folliage.
  • I tried looking for rooftop parking garages. Unfortunately the ones in my neighbourhood don't have a smooth surface.
  • I tried using Overpass Turbo queries to search for smooth ways in my neighbourhood. However, I have not yet found a helpful combination of query conditions.
  • The slightly unhelpful answer I'd give here is the same way I find good places to go for a run: talk to local runners (or skaters in your case).
    – Philip Kendall
    Jul 27 at 9:46
  • Yes, that would of course be an option, although I prefer to keep to myself. Perhaps as a last resort :) Jul 27 at 13:05

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