Watching the World T20 Final on Sky Sports in England, now I believe that they are just using a feed from the tournament broadcaster so the presentation is not typical for Sky. I dont understand why a wide is given as '0 WD' but a leg bye is given as '1 LB' even though both counted as one run towards the batting team.

enter image description here This isnt the only example of '0 WD' from this match but the only one I got a good pic of. Below is from the FlashScore.com feed for the match which shows it as '1 WD'

enter image description here

Then below from the highlights of the ODI final in 2019 (YouTube). This is a good example as you can see the scoreboard has shown that Woakes has conceded 1 run and it can only be from that wide.

enter image description here

Have they just got it wrong? Or is there a technical reason why its a '0' is written instead of a '1'? If it is the latter then it seems quite confusing.

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I suspect this is mostly a carry-over from the traditional scoring notation: the one "guaranteed" run for a wide is not explicitly indicated, while the number of leg byes needs to be indicated as it can be any number (greater than zero, obviously).

I agree it's not entirely obvious.

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