How presentable is a 6 minute - 6:30 mile for a 12 year old boy? What ranking or percentile does that put him under?


Using the table at Running Level.com which describes mile times for various ages, and male/female categories, a 6:00 to 6:30 mile time run by a boy is "advanced" and is in approximately the top 20% for the age group (approximately the 80th percentile).

Because the labelling is somewhat arbitrary and the ages are only multiples of five, it is possible that they may be in a higher or slightly lower percentile. It is likely that such a runner can do well at local or regional levels, but may struggle at higher competition ("state" or national level).

Age Intermediate Advanced Elite
10 7:59 6:58 6:12
15 6:54 6:02 5:22

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