In men's cricket, the term "batsman" or "batsmen" is used to refer to batting players - both by commentators as well as the respective cricket board score cards/commentaries.

But in women's cricket, what's the official/standard way to refer a batting player? "Batswoman"? "Batter"? "Batting player"?

Same for the fielder at third-man. Is that position called "third-woman"? Same for "man-of-the-match". But I believe it has become "player of the match" in both men and women cricket. (At least since the last ICC Test Cup, or maybe before that.)

I tried getting the answer myself by watching a few matches, but couldn't get any conclusive answer.


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As of 22nd September 2021, "batter" is the offical term in both men's and women's cricket - see e.g. Law 25 Batter's innings; Runners.1

"Third man", "nightwatchman" and similar are not official terms so any usage here just vary depending on who is reporting on the match.

1. Ignore the URL; that uses the old terminology so as not to break old links.


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