I mean, instead of the usual 19.45 GMT for the UEFA Champions League games? Is this due to sponsorship reasons or are there no reason at all?

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Game playing time determined at Europa League regulations.

It is under the following section:

VII Fixtures, Match Dates, Venues and Kick-off Times

Kick-off time of the qualifying matches and play-offs.

12.02 The home club fixes the kick-off time for all matches of the qualifying phase and the play-offs.

Kick-off time until the round of 16.

12.03 As a rule, matches in the UEFA Europa League kick off either at 19.00 hours CET or 21.05 hours CET. On the basis of the draw, the UEFA administration will fix the kick-off times. Exceptions to this rule may be made by the UEFA administration.

12.04 In principle, the fixtures within a group on the last matchday must be played simultaneously.

Kick-off time from the quarter-finals.

12.05 In principle, quarter-finals and semi-finals kick off at 21.05 CET. Exceptions to this rule may be set by the UEFA administration.

12.06 Inprinciple, the final kicks off at 20.45CET.

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