As of Christmas Day 2021 with 2 games to go for each the Cowboys at 10-4 and the Eagles at 7-7 why do ESPN and others still show the Eagles with a chance to win the NFC east division title?

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There are 17 games per season starting this season (2021-22).

Each team has 3 games left. If the Cowboys lose all remaining games and the Eagles win all remaining games, both teams will end up with a 10-7 record. They'll also both have identical division and conference records as well as having the head-to-head series tied at 1-1.

The Eagles would be able to win the division due to strength of victory, which is the fifth tiebreaker.


Because the NFL moved to a 17 game season in 2021. I'm not going to run through all the possibilities here to show there is a combination of results under which the Eagles win the division, but just going to trust ESPN and friends.

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