In the second test between South Africa and Bangladesh currently underway the South Africans scored 452 in there 1st innings without a batsman scoring a century. That made me wonder what the highest test innings without a century being scored was and if this innings between the Proteas and the tigers is anywhere close to the highest?

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Highest inning total not to contain a century is India vs New Zealand in 1976/77.

The highest inning total not to contain a century is India’s 524/9 against New Zealand at Kanpur in 1976/77. The highest score in the inning was not even 75. There were six individual half-centuries and the highest score was 70 by Mohinder Amarnath.

Source: Highest Test totals without a century and half-century

In November 1976 the team established another record by scoring 524 for 9 declared against New Zealand at Kanpur without an individual scoring a century.

Source: crickhistoryworld/history/india

Scorecard for this game:

  1. 2nd Test, Kanpur, November 18 - 23, 1976, New Zealand tour of India
  2. Test Match - India v New Zealand - Kanpur

See also: Eight tons in a Test, and high totals without a hundred


As of today it's Sri Lanka's 531 all out vs Bangladesh!



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