I am working on the ATP tennis matches dataset and I have a series column which contains International, ATP250, Grand Slam etc... and a tournament column which contains Wimbledon, Lyon Open etc... I want to know the difference between them? which is more general than the other. also which one of them is more relevant to the player to make him play 100% in that match is it the type of series or type of tournament? thanks a lot.

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"Series" is more general than "Tournament". A tournament is held on a week or two in a particular location. A series is a series of tournaments - for example, the ATP Tour 250 is a series of 39 tournaments (as of the date this answer was written). The series to some extent reflects the level of the tournaments in the series - ATP250 is the lowest level, Grand Slam is the highest.

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A series, is just a combination of tournaments. Tournaments are the usual competitions, they're 1 or 2 weeks long, where players are seeded at the beginning of the event go against each other.

A series is just some of theses events together. It could indicate tournaments played at a certain level like ATP Tour 250 series, ATP Tour 500 series, ATP Tour Masters 1000. Or tournaments held by the same governing body like the US Open Series.

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