Is there any situation that makes it possible for a single player to have two consecutive at bats for their team? I was imagining this could happen by the batter getting on base, and then being replaced by a pinch runner. Then, the original batter pinch hits for the next person in the lineup. Is something like this possible?

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No, it's not possible, at least as you explain it.

In baseball, once you're removed from the game, you're done for the day - at least in . In some other leagues, there may be re-entry permitted, but for example in high school baseball they must occupy the same position in the batting order as they originally did. No ruleset I'm aware of allows arbitrary re-entry. If it were possible, then you'd simply have your best hitter bat repeatedly.

There are a few cases that are adjacent, though.

  • If the inning ends on a caught stealing or similar, while a batter is at bat, they will again be at bat in the following inning, in a new at bat. The former at bat didn't technically occur, though, and won't be charged to their stats.

  • In , in the 10th and subsequent inning, the batter during the last out will start the inning on 2nd base. They don't get credit for an at bat, though, as they don't bat, they just stand on 2nd automatically.

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