In this article, Rory McIlroy is credited as the "third player in the past 50 years to finish eighth or better in all four majors in the same season." However, I was able to find five:

  1. Tiger Woods (5-1-1-1 in 2000, 1-2-1-T4 in 2005)
  2. Phil Mickelson (1-2-3-T6 in 2004)
  3. Rickie Fowler (T5-T2-T2-T3 in 2014)
  4. Jon Rahm (T5-T8-1-3 in 2021)
  5. Rory McIlroy (2-8-T5-3 in 2022)

Do any other such seasons exist?

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Jordan Spieth 2015

Major Finish
Masters 1
US Open 1
Open Championship T4
PGA Championship 2

Brooks Koepka 2019

Major Finish
Masters T2
PGA Championship 1
US Open 2
Open Championship T4

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