Budapest 2022 F1 Here is the image that I took from the conclusion of the Budapest 2022 F1 race. What do I understand is that the constructer points awarded based on the race position finished plus with fastest lap point. For example, take a look at at Bahrain Grand Prix. Ferrari got 44 points which is 25 points from Leclerc and 18 point from Sainz plus 1 point for fastest lap.

My question is, if you look at Austrian Grand Prix, Ferrari got 38 points while Sainz did not finished the race. If we take 25 points of Leclerc, then where does 13 points comes from?

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Austria is one of three "sprint weekends" on the 2022 calendar (along with Italy and Brazil), that schedules a mini race on Saturday to set the Sunday GP grid. This sprint race also awards championship points for the first 8 finishers.

F1 Sprint Results Austria 2022 shows that the Ferrari cars finished 2 and 3 in the sprint (behind Verstappen) with Leclerc getting 7 points and Sainz getting 6.

Note Red Bull's 58 points in Italy on your graphic. That's more than the normal maximum of 44 possible for a traditional race weekend.

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