The score during a game of pickleball doubles is 4-7-2.

For those unfamiliar, this means that:

  • the serving team has 4 points,
  • the opposing team has 7 points, and
  • this is the second serve for the serving team.

Now suppose that the serving team wins the point. The score becomes 5-7. That much is clear, but:

Does the pickleball serving number reset when a point is won at the second serve?

Concretely, does the score become:

  1. 5-7-1 (with the serving number resetting to 1), or does it become
  2. 5-7-2 (with the serving number remaining 2 despite that this is the first serve to be made at the 5-7 score?

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In a game of pickleball doubles, the score 4-7-2 means that the serving team has 4 points, the opposing team has 7 points, and it is the serving team's second serve. If the serving team wins the point, the score becomes 5-7.

The question is whether the serving number resets to 1 after a point is won on the second serve. The answer is no, the serving number does not reset. The score would become 5-7-2, with the serving team still serving their second serve. The serving number only resets at the start of a new game or if the serving team loses a point.

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