In the Sprint Qualifying for the 2022 São Paulo Grand Prix, Haas' Kevin Magnussen qualified in first place and his team mate, Mick Schumacher, qualified in 20th (last) place.

While, admittedly, the final qualifying session was rain-affected, both drivers earned their position on pace alone - i.e. there were no mechanical issues or penalties applied.

Has this ever happened before, where a team qualifies both in first place and last place on actual driver lap times?

For clarification: I'm not including qualifying position as determined by a Sprint Race, but rather the classic qualifying format(s) - and Sprint Qualifying (as in this case) can be included.

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    Not quite the same thing, but the 1981 Monaco GP deserves an honourable mention. Nelson Piquet qualified on pole for Brabham, while team-mate Hector Rebaque failed to qualify at all - he was 23rd (out of 26), and only the top 20 got to start the race.
    – F1Krazy
    Nov 12, 2022 at 0:11

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Apparently not.

This was discussed during Sky Sports' coverage of the sprint race. Ted Kravitz asked David Croft whether a team had ever qualified first and last before, and Croft listed two examples: the 2017 Brazilian Grand Prix, and the 2018 Monaco Grand Prix. In the former, Valtteri Bottas took pole, while Lewis Hamilton crashed in Q1 and never set a lap time; in the latter, Daniel Ricciardo took pole, while Max Verstappen crashed in FP3 and his car wasn't repaired in time for Q1.

It's hard to prove a negative, and it wasn't stated whether those were the only examples, so this is a tentative "no", but nonetheless, my answer is no, this doesn't appear to have ever happened before.

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