When I am watching NBA G. League games, it is very surprising that they give only one free throw in a situation where two or three free throws should have been given. Instead, each throw was considered two or three points respectively.

What is the reason for this unique rule?

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The reason is to speed up the game.

From a CBS Sports article by Sam Quinn in 2019 when the rule was introduced:

The goal of the new rule is to shave time off of games. Basketball games typically have the shortest run-time among major professional sports, but according to Lowe, G League officials estimate that this move should cut around six to eight minutes from the league's average. The rule is being tested in the G League now ostensibly to see if it would be viable at the NBA level.


The NBA uses the G League to experiment with new rules. This free-throw rule is one of those experiments.

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    While this is true, it doesn't really answer the question which is why this rule was introduced.
    – Philip Kendall
    Mar 5 at 9:12

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