The question is which pitcher gets the win A or B?

My baseball team played a double header (each game 7 innings) recently. Pitcher A started game 2. Because he also pitched in game one (all 7 innings), he only went 3 innings in game 2. He didn't give up a run and when he left the game his team was winning 4-0.

Pitcher B came in to pitch the 4th, 5th 6th and 7th innings and never gave up the lead. However he did give up 4 runs in four innings. The final score of the game was 11-4.

Under MLB rules, who is credited with the win? A or B? And why?

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According to the official MLB rules, I believe pitcher B would be credited with the win in the second game because of the fact that the starting pitcher only went 3 innings in that game.

See rule 10.17(b):

(b) If the pitcher whose team assumes a lead while such pitcher is in the game, or during the inning on offense in which such pitcher is removed from the game, and does not relinquish such lead, is a starting pitcher who has not completed (1) five innings of a game that lasts six or more innings on defense, or (2) four innings of a game that lasts five innings on defense, then the official scorer shall credit as the winning pitcher the relief pitcher, if there is only one relief pitcher, or the relief pitcher who, in the official scorers judgment was the most effective, if there is more than one relief pitcher.


Nothing too unique about this - Pitcher A didn't pitch 5 innings so he can't get the win.

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