In WTA/ATP rankings it is interesting to know the possibilities for the next edition of the ranking based on possible outcomes of this weeks tournaments and based what stage of the tournament a player reached so far.

Are there any good websites showing the points and ranking based on the performances of the player since the last edition of the ranking. (Perhaps even explaining what the possibilities for their positions are, depending of how successful are they and other players in the rest of tournament.)

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We should refer the official site


However if we do not want to wait for every Monday to get updated ranking, this site calculates ranking daily: http://atpranking.net/

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Two pages I know that have this functionality are:

  • http://live-tennis.eu/ for ATP rankings;
  • http://www.tennis4wta.com/ for WTA rankings. (But this site has too many ads for my liking.) Another feature of this site (apart from live rankings) which I found interesting is that it often provides links to videos of recent interesting matches on youtube. (Maybe the process of adding the videos is somehow automated, because I remember that on some occasions I have seen there youtube link, which has as the title the match between the two players mentioned there, but it was from a computer game, not from the tournament.)

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