I am going to be playing football (soccer) with my friends, and I'm referee. I need to know what the different whistle blows. Please can anyone help?

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As already stated the LoTG don't mention that, but there are a few guidelines.

  • One long blow

    • any interruption you have to call (such as fouls, offside, etc)
    • kick-off
  • One short blow

    • resume the game after previous interruption
  • Two blows

    • Half time
  • Three blows

    • End of the game
  • Multiple short blows

    • Get attention (substitution, call a player to you to show a card, try to disperse a pack, etc.)
  • These are the most common ones I believe, and often used (at least) in Europe.
    – OldPadawan
    Sep 17, 2023 at 15:14

The Laws of the Game do not specify the means in which the whistle should be blown, so you can do whatever you like (within reason); what is far more important is that you understand the Laws, and your communication with the players is clear.

It is probably worth reading the body language, communication and whistle guideline which is attached to the Laws so that you understand the situations in which you are required to blow the whistle - and the situations you are not.

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