Assume 'A' is playing at striker's end and 'B' is at non striker's end, If 'A' runs for a single run on the last ball of the 5th over and B is run out at the striker's end, who will be on strike on for the 1st ball of the 6th over? 'A' or new batter?

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For now, ignore the fact that it is the end of an over. The important law here is 18.11.1:

When the striker is dismissed in any of the circumstances in to, the not out batter shall return to his/her original end. to are bowled, caught1, LBW, stumped, hit wicket, hit the ball twice, obstructing the field (under some circumstances) and when a runner is dismissed (under some circumstances). This list does not include run out, so the batters remain at the ends they were when the dismissal occurred.

A is now at the "over 5" non-striker's end, so will face the first ball of the 6th over.

1. Added to the list as of 1st October 2022.

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