Is the fielding team allowed to place all the fielders in the 30-yard circle?

I know it is allowed in Test cricket as there is nothing like "30-yards" restriction. But is this allowed in other forms of the game?

For example during Powerplay-1 of an ODI match, can the fielding team place all the fielders inside?

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As far as I am aware, none of the major forms of the game mandate that players must be outside the 30 yard circle. Looking for example at the current (December 2023) men's ODI playing conditions, we can see that the restriction is solely on the number of players outside the 30 yard circle (formally known as the fielding restriction area): Powerplay 1 - no more than two (2) fielders shall be permitted outside this fielding restriction area. In an innings of 50 overs, these are overs 1 to 10 inclusive. and deal with powerplay 2 and 3 and have the same form except for the number of players and which overs this applies to. There are similar rules in the men's T20I playing conditions, women's ODI playing conditions and women's T20I playing conditions.

For any other competition, you would need to refer to the playing conditions in force.

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