I been looking online everywhere to see what level of climbing you have to be at to become a sponsored climber (sponsored enough to make it your profession).

I know there are a lucky few that get sponsored despite not being very good. I wonder however what ratings most athletes can climb when they become professional rock climbers. Is 5.13 enough to get sponsored by a certain company? If not then is 5.14 enough? Can you climb 5.14 and still not be able to find a sponsor? If so what does it depend on?

Is it harder to get sponsors as a person that only boulders?


Finding Sponsorship is not easy in any sport, you have to win a couple of competitions at a decent grade and then you stand a small chance.

Climbing 5.13 is the minimum really, if you can climb 5.14 you stand a much better chance.

Also, it is easier to get bouldering sponsorship overall, but you should be able to climb in most forms, these people are giving you money, saying "I am not a very good lead climber" or "Top-rope climbing is not my forte" then they will probably think twice.

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    Sponsored boulderer here... "you have to win a couple of competitions" - I have never won a competition (nor have I participated in one). Quite a few of my friends are only focusing on outdoor climbing and "general publicity", i.e. advertising the sponsor brand in videos et cetera. – pudelhund Nov 17 '14 at 0:49

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