Usually you can not see any other player with number 1 except goalkeeper. I've never seen forward with number 2,3,4,5 or 6.

So, how numbers are assigned to players?

All I could find out was that this is just a tradition. But no information about how this tradition was formed. Have there been any historical fact of giving numbers in order from 1 to 11 to players from goalkeeper to forward, for example according to a law of game from FIFA or something...

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    I seem to remember in the 1978 World Cup, Argentina numbered their players alphabetically, meaning midfielder Ossie Ardiles got the number 1 shirt. That looked very odd.
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    Some strange numbers are sometimes used. Iván Zamorano's shirt number for Inter was "1+8", for example! The numbering dates back to the old 2-3-5 formation. Over time, as players moved position from the 2-3-5, they kept their traditional numbers. It's also the reason for some of the names of the positions of players, like "fullback".
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  • Sometimes you do see odd numbers. Off the top of my head, Toquero, a center forward, wore #2 at Athletic Bilbao because that was the only available number when he arrived; Davids, a midfielder chose to wore #1 at Barnet because he's cool like that. Some Italian goalkeeper whose name escapes me wore #7 also because he was cool like that.
    – Koldito
    Commented Jan 13, 2016 at 11:12

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The source of my answer defies summarisation, but in this answer I'll put the current convention. I really suggest reading the source (hopefully still available when you read this) for an interesting history.

Now many teams have adopted following convention for assigning numbers as per player positions.

enter image description here

"The Bizarre History of Football Shirt Numbers" by Akshay Mhaskar

Apparently, the numbers were used in football for the first time in 1928, in a match between Sheffield Wednesday and Arsenal. The current, but far from always adopted, convention resembles the then allocation.

NB: For the World Cup 2014, the only rules are that the number 1 must be reserved for one of the keepers and that players are only allocated the numbers 1-23. But note that each competition has specific rules.

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