I want to extend the number of strokes I can play in my badminton matches. Therefore I want practice a particular badminton stroke, called:

reversed backhand slice drop shot

Can somebody tell me how to perform such a stroke and most preferably provide me some footage of such a stroke being performed in a real match situation?


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This particular stroke is very difficult to perform, let alone to pronounce. Timing is of the essence and technical ability is there to follow. I found a few video's of two of the top players in current badminton.

Lee Chong Wei

On the 17th of March 2009, Lee Chong Wei and Kenneth Jonassen were playing an exhibition match for the inauguration of a new badminton sports hall in the town of Pécs in Hungary. In the second game Lee Chong Wei (LCW) performs two times the stroke you want to learn:
enter image description here

On the YONEX ALL ENGLAND BADMINTON CHAMPIONSHIPS 8th of March 2014, against Son Wan Ho in the Semi Final:

Lin Dan

A training session in preparation of the Yonex All England 2011: enter image description here


I tried to capture the essentials into the drawing I created:

enter image description here

Like the reversed slice (cross) dropshot, the intention is to make your opponent think, you're hitting a clear or dropshot. With the reserved backhand slice drop shot, your opponent will think you're trying to hit a clear (as Jonassen thought twice). Key is to put in the same amount of energy (racket motion), as to hitting a clear, but at the end perform a reversed slice.

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