I'm in Bellevue, WA this week and am trying to find some good places to run. I'm sure I can just find a park and do many loops, but I'm looking for some mapped runs of 7-10 miles. I'm sure if a website is mentioned, it would be larger than just this area, but I'm particularly focused on Bellevue.

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There are lists of Bellevue trails here:

I like the Coal Creek Natural Area park, and you can run a good portion of it (though it is a hike for a good part of it more than runnable - too many slippery spots).

Also, I really enjoy the stretch of trail through the wetlands between Factoria and Enatai. It's more of a biking/walking trail, and it seems like running might get you run down because you'd be in the way of bikers, and less able to hear their bells. But it is a really nice walk during the summer. It hooks up to other bits of road that run off into parks with trails, too. I think the route is close to one side of the Mercer Slough park.


I travel a fair bit and always want to run in the places I visit, so I have the same problem. I usually try the following:

  • Google for runs using the search terms "running in <your location>" - that will very, very often come up with a site or two for official running clubs in your area. And they usually have a number of suggestions.
  • For the US, I have successfully used Running in the USA.
  • On a more global scale, I use MapMyRUN and Endomondo (you must log-in first).

For Bellevue, WA Endomondo returned 200+ routes in and about the city center...

  • MapMyRun has a great selection of runs from its users all over the world.
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    May 27 '12 at 18:20

check out http://www.runmap.net/ and http://www.wandermap.net/

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