After the IPL auction, we know the amount that teams bought the players for and they will be paid according to that.

But I couldn't find the amount that retained players are to be paid.

It's not available in this list.

Who determines the amount retained players will be paid in the IPL? Is it negotiable?

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For retained players the salary cap will be charged as follows.

For Capped Players

  • Rs. 12.5 crores for the first capped Player so retained
  • Rs. 9.5 crores for the second capped Player so retained
  • Rs. 7.5 crores for the third capped Player so retained
  • Rs. 5.5 crores for the fourth capped Player so retained
  • Rs. 4 crores for the fifth capped Player so retained

For Uncapped Players

  • Rs. 4 crores for each uncapped Player so retained


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    The above amounts are non-negotiable. Stipulated by IPL Committee
    – Yaitzme
    Commented Feb 25, 2014 at 18:14

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