Marvin Andrews, the Trinidad and Tobago football(soccer) player famous for having a "miracle" and "healing" his left knee ligament with "the force of God", was elected player of the year by Rangers in the season 2004-2005. However, he was subsequently released as a free agent in the season 2005-2006. What happened? My guess is that although he could sustain a few matches with his damaged knee, in the end it was simply too much without proper scientific treatment and he couldn't return to his previous standard of a football player anymore. But I couldn't find any explanation of exactly what happened. It would be great if some Rangers fan or somebody who knows what happened explain it a little bit. Thanks

  • I was reading about him on the Guardian this week, he sounds like his body was absolutely knackered, I don't have an official source to say that was the reason why they released him but it makes sense based on what I read.
    – RoB
    Apr 18 '14 at 8:02
  • Yeah this is also what I think after reading the Guardian article, and it's therefore I would like a definitive explanation from one who kept an eye on Rangers that season.
    – xji
    Apr 18 '14 at 14:20

From what I have read and heard he was released because his knee made him a liability. On this forum the fans talk about it said that Paule Le Guen deemed he was surplus to requirements at Rangers and that Andrews was afraid to take a medical at Reading in case he failed it as it would look bad when he was trying to find a new club. I didn't see any interview where he gave a reason behind his release but the amount of injuries he suffered must have made up Rangers' mind about releasing him in 2006.

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