My friend Timo mentioned that GoPro Hero 3 can connect to your phone with some lag. This opens me an opportunity to get immediate feedback about my tennis serving with topspin. I want to train serving with topspin and I would like to see how the shot looks from the side. Basically, attach the camera to the net and look the shot with your phone/monitor (probably in the future in Google glasses or something like that). Little lag does not matter here, it just need to be fast enough not to be irritating. I currently use the iPhone 5 camera for the analysis but hard to see the ball's path and very slow method.

enter image description here

Is there any device to help in analysing serving with topspin from the side?

  • I am testing with a better camera here and I need to learn to show it nicely, not sure whether some program to help with import.
    – hhh
    Apr 20, 2014 at 21:15

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Comparison to professional sport technology

In professional sport technology, there are systems such as Hawk-Eye to approximate the flight path of the ball. According to Quora, it has "Six high performance cameras (up to 1000fps)". In golf, there are devices that track the features of the ball such as spin, angle and velocity.

I don't know any low-budget device that you could use for your own training. I am testing different state of art solutions such as here and I feel I am reinventing the wheel, there must be some easy way.


Check out the babolat play racket line which can measure levels of spin achieved with specific shots.


I have heard of a new device called playsight, but I've never seen it in action.



They have it installed in some clubs. It does look pretty amazing.

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