What happens in a scenario where the batsman plays a shot down the ground and it hits the umpire? Isn't it unfair to the batsman to lose a certain boundary had there been one? Does the ball count as a dead ball?


If the ball hits to the an on field umpire, it is not considered a dead ball unless:

  • the ball lodges in the clothes of an umpire. (See Law 23.1.a.5)
  • a serious injury to an umpire occurs (after the ball hits to an umpire) (See Law 23.4.b.2)

In such cases, it will be a regular dead ball. i.e. the ball will be considered a legal ball but no more runs will be allowed to take to the batsman after that incident occurred.

Here is an example case for such incident:

See this YouTube clip. It occurred in the 1st ODI between New Zealand and Bangladesh in Auckland in 26-Dec-2007. See the ball 44.5 in the commentary. The ball was considered a normal ball.

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